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Success Means Accepting Responsibility For Our Actions September 28, 2010

Posted by izzyholt in Self Help.

It appears from reading a lot about Success and life in general and studying some of the most important issues with regard to how we achieve the best possible results in life;  one of the most important aspects of life is being able to take responsibility for our actions.

Not any human likes to admit they have screwed up or made a mistake but mistakes and screw ups are a part of everyday life.  This is how we learn and grow and become better individuals.  We are not perfect, will never be and that is a fact of life.  But, if we are to further our knowledge of living life better our first step is in making our mistakes and then accepting the consequencies that come after the mistake.

When we do something wonderful; it is such a great feeling to hear the praise for our accomplishments.  It is like a fresh slow rain when it has been so hot and dry.  We thrive on feeling good and hate the affects of bad decisions and failures so we want to push the blame to something or someone else.  This is actually easier to do than what you think; we are human and do not like to accept the not so good feelings that comes from not listening to our heart.  A lost of times our mistakes and trials come after we failed to heed our inner spirit telling us not to do something.  Learning to listen to our inner self (our spiritual self) and knowing that most of the times if we feel a nagging sensation that something is not right; we should listen.  What happens sometimes is we think we can pull it off anyway.

Accepting responsibility for our actions is something we learn as a child or should have but, when we become adults we still want to blame Jimmy because it is easy.  It makes it seem less important.  If we blame someone else it means that we haven’t learned that accepting the results of what we did incorrectly will help us not make the same mistakes again.  We live and learn…that is part of life in general.  If we never made a mistake or bad decision; how would be grow to be wiser and stronger?  Not anyone will always make the right decisions in life.  Yes, some decisions cost us much pain and can affect our life, seemingly for a very long time.  If we are to overcome our bad decisions; we shake ourselves, stand tall and simply say, I screwed up.   I can’t change the outcome of this situation but I can change today and tomorrow if it comes. 

Being conscious of our past is not always bad but one cannot dwell on the past to the extent of not being able to make future choices.  Fear will keep us from living.  We have to first take the responsibility, deal with the consequencies and then move forward.  We learn how to make wiser decisions, listen to our heart and remember that it is our own actions that determines the outcome.



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