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I can’t think of anything that is more important to Success than one’s “Thoughts”.  The more I study Success and the more I learn, Success begins in the mind.  When I was little or young I should say; I was a day-dreamer and in fact sometimes that was just about all I wanted to do.  I would day-dream myself to sleep at night thinking about things that I wanted to happen in my life.  I have always had an imagination; sometimes a wild one. 

No, I was not a lazy person because that was not allowed in my generation.  I did my share of learning to do things good for me and learning to do them well.  My Mom used to tell me, if you are going to do something, do it right the first time.  What I think she meant was; don’t do it at all if you are going to do it half-way and make yourself look bad.  That has inspired me through-out my life.  If I started something, I have always tried to finish it.  If it meant that I have to clean up a mess I made in while trying to do whatever it was, I cleaned it up, even if it didn’t make me feel good.  I just told myself that I had to finish and make the best of the situation and if it was my best efforts; then I had done my best, but it could not be half-done and left for someone else to finish. 

What I am trying here to implement in your mind is that we can guide ourselves to Success, through thoughts.  Not only have I always tried to do a good job, I have always been motivated to accomplish more than just the standard.  I did not want to just get the job done by barely making the grade, I wanted to do it well.  I wanted to achieve not power or fame but respect from my peers, which I did because of my hard work and my desire to do my job well.  When we stand out in a crowd it means that our work is indicative of character that shines.

The mind will take whatever it is presented.  If you feed thoughts that are negative; you will receive negative results.  I have met a lot of humans and some of them I love dearly but they represent the most negative of minds I have ever seen.  I am just not one of those and I do not have a lot of time for people who are constantly seeing the worst in every situation rather than seeing the good.  It is because they have a negative mentality.  Well, it won’t work, it will get finished in time, it is not a good thing and it is just not what it should be.  The negative description of anything. It is such useless thinking.  I have known of people who lived to be old and you say to them; you sure are in good health for your age and they say;  but you just do not know how I am hurting….  They are not sick physically but in their mind; they are sick..follow me……….yet they have outlived some 10 or more years younger.

Being a Success doesn’t always happen when we are young.  Sometimes it takes a while for us to learn some valuable lesson to finish in first place, but the goal should not be to be better than anyone else but to be better for us.  Success has no age limit, it doesn’t matter when you start trying to make your life better and get on track.  Now is the time…believe it and do it.

Thinking positive, Successful Thoughts can bring you closer to achieving your goals than thinking the worst.  Never say or think; I can’t, I’m too old, I don’t have enough experience, I don’t have enough education, I don’t have enough money, I can’t work that hard….Never allow yourself to doubt your abilities.  If you can’t work hard, then you might as well quit before you start.  Because anything we want in life that is worth having; constitutes WORK.  Think of yourself as having everything you need to accomplish what it is that you need to achieve.  If you think the positive, you will find a way to gain what it is that you are lacking in order to do whatever it is you want to do.  Motivate yourself, with I can….make this happen.  I can get the right tools, I can find a way to get where I want to go in my life.  It is up to me and I can, I not only can but I will make this happen.  I will not let anyone, including myself hinder my plan.  Change your thoughts and change your life. 

Having goals is something else that goes with Success-Thoughts.  Write down your goals and check them off when you accomplish them but most importantly, believe that you have already done you are working to do…Success-Thoughts.



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